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Emergency Rental Assistance Program - ERAP

HCS is one of four District of Columbia (D.C.) community based organizations funded by the D.C. Department                          of Human Service to administer the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP).  ERAP is designed to assist                          low income D.C. residents respond to housing emergencies that may result in homelessness.  ERAP funds can                     only be utilized to pay rental arrearages (back rent) when eviction is imminent, as well as security deposits and first                    month’s rent that will  prevent a household from being homeless or to prevent family separation.


To meet basic eligible for ERAP assistance, the applicant’s household must meet the following eligibility criteria:


·       District of Columbia resident;

·       Household net income may not exceed 125% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL);

·       A household member must be 18 years old or younger, 60 years or older, or living with a disability.


In terms of assistance, ERAP can provide a maximum of $4,250 to prevent eviction from a rental unit                                        (under certain circumstances, up to $6,000 may be provided).  For security deposit and first month’s rent                           assistance, a maximum of $900 may be provided.  Applicants may only receive rental assistance once per calendar                  year.


To apply for ERAP through HCS please call 202-667-7006 to schedule an appointment.  Households who have received              a Writ of Eviction from D.C. Landlord-Tenant Court or are currently homeless will receive priority appointments.


 Tenant Services 

HCS assists low- and moderate-income renters find and maintain decent, safe, and affordable rental housing by providing        free group training, individual counseling, and referrals that address a variety of tenant concerns, including budget/credit, landlord/tenant disputes, conducting a rental housing search, and eviction prevention.  HCS also provides technical support     to low- and moderate-income tenant organizations in the District of Columbia to prevent displacement due to the possible        sale of a rental building, a call for a conversion of a rental property to condominium status, opt-outs from Section 8 contracts,   poor living conditions and other actions by landlords.

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